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2021 NSW Over 50 Hockey teams

2021 NSW Over 50's

The NSW Men's Masters Over 50's teams to contest the 2021 Australian Championships in Newcastle have been selected. The 50's teams named at the State Championships held in Grafton are as follows: -

Over 50/1's

  • Shane Coulter (Central Coast)
  • John Truman (FNC)
  • David Dart (Grafton)
  • Chris Stolk (Illawarra)
  • Joesph Lantz (Newcastle)
  • Daryn Marjoram (Orange)
  • Paul Barrett (Parkes) VC
  • Paul Baxter (Parkes)
  • Matthew Searl (Newcastle)
  • Dominic de Souza (Sydney)
  • Stuart Farquharson (Sydney)
  • James Fordham (Sydney)
  • Andrew Newton (Sydney)
  • Evan Watson (Sydney) VC
  • Glen Castensen (Sydney)
  • Mark Ellis (Sydney) C
  • Shane Hannaford (Tamworth)
  • Rob Suraci (Metro SW) Manager

Over 50/2's

  • Noel Pracey (Central Coast) VC
  • Robbie Goodwin (Grafton)
  • Duane Addlington (Illawarra)
  • Wes Johnston (Illawarra)
  • Ian Ingram (Newcastle)
  • Paul Kirkwood (Newcastle)
  • Timothy Marsden (Newcastle)
  • Lloyd Hussey (Parkes)
  • Scott Dreyer (SEHA)
  • Scott Driver (Sydney)
  • Scott Familton (Sydney)
  • Kamal Naqvi (Sydney)
  • Glen Pearce (Sydney) VC
  • Teaj Sian (Sydney)
  • Scott Doyle (Tamworth)
  • Garry Littlejohns(Tamworth) C
  • Annette Pracey (Central Coast) Manager

Over 50/3's

  • Derek Carver (Central Coast)
  • James Figallo (Central Coast)
  • Keith Hunter (Central Coast)
  • Richard Jones (Central Coast)
  • David Sant (Central Coast)
  • Craig Turner (Metro SW)
  • Mark Clayton (New England)
  • Mark Butler (Newcastle)
  • David Pandel (Newcastle) VC
  • Craig Lawler (Orange)
  • David Milne (Orange)
  • Stephen Moreton (Port Macquarie Hastings) VC
  • David Richardson (SEHA)
  • Ashgar Chaudhry (Sydney)
  • Robert Heasman (Sydney)
  • Raj Mavji (Sydney)
  • Arran Truesdale (Sydney)
  • Darren Thomas (Tamworth) C

The details for these teams was sourced from the Hockey NSW Men's Masters website -


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