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Our Story

How it all started

Our Story

Everything Started
in 2008


The initial concept

In 2008, Mark Matheson grew frustrated with the lack of visibility of masters hockey results in the Sydney competition. Taking matters into his own hands, My Turf was born, focusing on publishing the weekly results for the Sydney Masters Hockey competition.


Killing my own concept

When it became apparent that there was interest in what Mark was doing, he was invited to join the board of Sydney Masters Hockey where his role included fixing the results publication, effectively ending the purpose of My Turf.

As a result of the change in circumstances, My Turf reverted to being a pure blog website, blogging about topical issues relevant to masters hockey in Australia.


Management beckoned
Mark was asked to help out and manage a NSW team at the Australian Championships in Hobart. My Turf was massaged and became a repository for everything relating to Mark's involvement with Sydney and NSW team management.


Details were expanded

The website details were expanded to where Mark keeps detailed match statistics in the dugout and publishes match reports for every match his team plays.


Advance Australia Fair

As part of his promotion to a position within the Hockey Australia Masters team management system, Mark also re-tasked another website, National Masters Hockey to be dedicated to the Australian Over 35's Men's Masters Hockey team.

Why not check that out as well.


My Turf has been enhanced to the point where each team Mark manages gets their own section, broken down into: -

  • Squad - Players and Officials
  • Summary - Championship and Match Summaries
  • Media - Photos and Videos
  • Documents - Documents and Forms

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Masters hockey ... a beer drinking championships is on and a game of hockey might break out
Mark Matheson