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2021 NSW Over 40/45's Hockey teams


The NSW Men's Masters Over 40's and Over 45's teams to contest the 2021 Australian Championships in Newcastle have been selected. The 40/45's teams named at the State Championships held in Tamworth are as follows: -

Over 40/1's

Over 40/2's

  • Mark Graham (Central Coast)
  • Brad Fennell (HNSWMM)
  • James Marshall (HNSWMM)
  • Craig Knowles (Illawarra) C
  • Greg Smith (Illawarra)
  • Alan Charlton (Newcastle) VC
  • Steve Coulcher (Newcastle)
  • Mathew McGregor (Newcastle)
  • Stanton Bigger (Orange)
  • Adam Hurford (Orange) VC
  • Daryl Kennewell (Orange)
  • Steve Longhurst (Orange)
  • Scott Newton (Orange)
  • Ben Hardy (Sydney)
  • Joshua Kent (Sydney)
  • Garry Singh Labana (Sydney)
  • Sean Donaldson (Tamworth)
  • Bec Hurford (Orange) Manager

Over 40 Shadows

  • Daniel McIvor (HNSWMM)
  • Matt Burton (HNSWMM)
  • Gareth Moane (Newcastle)
  • Mark Waters (Port Macquarie Hastings)
  • Lindsay Leneve (Southern Highlands)

Over 45/1's

  • Adam Ellison (Coffs Coast)
  • Jonathan Williams (Coffs Coast)
  • Adrian Jones (HNSWMM)
  • Marc Hawker (Illawarra South Coast)
  • Glen Stolk (Illawarra South Coast) VC
  • Adam Hackett (Metro South West)
  • Chris Mosley (Metro South West) VC
  • John Hall (Newcastle)
  • Ben Simes (Newcastle)
  • Pete Kooner (Sydney)
  • Richard Satchwell (Sydney)
  • Harvinder Singh (Sydney)
  • Stephen Tuddenham (Sydney) C
  • Dean Tyler (Sydney)
  • Myles Ward-Thornton (Sydney)
  • Adam Bannister (Tamworth)
  • Brett Picknell (Sydney) Manager

Over 45/2's

  • Justin Wicks (Central Coast)
  • Mark Freeman (Coffs Coast)
  • Scott Waddell (Coffs Coast)
  • Michael Peters (Illawarra South Coast)
  • Jason Sipek (Manning Valley)
  • Daryn Tanswell (Manning Valley)
  • Ian Westcott (Manning Valley) C
  • Shane Burke (Metro South West)
  • Toni Stojcevski (Metro South West)
  • John Mayers (Newcastle)
  • Graeme Tull (Newcastle)
  • Daryl Frost (Orange)
  • Duncan Brown (Sydney)
  • Pete Evans (Sydney)
  • Sean Ferris (Sydney)
  • Revell Weightman (Sydney)
  • Mark Wilson (Central Coast) Manager

Over 45/3's

  • Trevor Gardiner (Central Coast)
  • Scott Baker (HNSWMM)
  • Andrew Page (Illawarra South Coast)
  • Dean Whipp (Illawarra South Coast)
  • Damon Brooks (Metro South West)
  • Mark Low (New England)
  • David Tucker (Northern Inland)
  • Bronson Edmonds (Orange)
  • David Wynne (Orange)
  • Simon Thresher (Port Macquarie Hastings)
  • Brent Casey (Sydney)
  • Bradley Goodridge (Sydney)
  • Bradley Williams (Sydney)
  • James Haling (Tamworth)
  • James Hindmarsh (Tamworth)
  • David Nyman (Tamworth)
  • David Rollings (Tamworth)

The details for these teams was sourced from the Hockey NSW Men's Masters website -



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