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Beijing Olympics Day 1 Hockey event

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Well so far my experience in China has been fantastic. The people could not have been more helpful. Well that all changed this afternoon.

I headed down to the hockey fields to watch the Hockeyroos very important game against Korea. I arrived approx 45 minutes before the game was due to start and found a massive que of people waiting to get in. It was raining at the time and that was not pleasant.

We spent 90 minutes in the crowd of people with the game going on without us there. It was unbelievable. The authorities would not let anyone one in with lots of security around to control the restless locals.

we finally got to the match with 23 minutes to go in the game and Australia down 4 - 1.

Oh my, Oh my , Oh my!!!!!!!!!!

When i arrived the Hockeyroos were dominating the game and did so until the end of the game to secure a supurb 5 - 4 victory.

Well down Hockeyroos and Well done Nic and Sarah. They both played well.

The Rain continued and was very heavy, this, along with the debacle at the entrance made for a less than pleasant evening at the hockey. 

Take a look at the pics. The crowds waiting to get in, the hockeyroos playing and the 3 drowned rats heading home
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Author: Anthony Thornton