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Beijing Olympic Games

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Well I am in China for the Olympics, been here 2 days so far and I will write some blogs here to give you some insight into life in China during a major event such as the Olympics.

A little about me...... I am the Head Coach for the womens hockey program in Canberra. I have been there since 2005. I also coach the Canberra Labor Club Strikers.

While here I will be completing some analysis of all womens teams that are competing here.

Now as for what has happened so far. Well after arriving in Beijing after more than 11 hours in a plane from Sydney. The airport was incredible. Absolutely massive place. After leaving the plane it took 20 minutes and we were out into the Beijing air. So fast and efficient.

I have been a tourist here for a couple of days and have seen a few sights of this town and now I am looking forward to the Hockey starting. The first hockey game tomorrow is NZ vs Japan womens. 8:30am Beijing time.  The time difference between Beijing and Sydney is 2 hours (Beijing is behind)

As for pollution have a look at this pic. it is taken from my hotel balcony, overlooking the Tennis and Archery venues. 

There certainly is pollution but it is not a major. The biggest issue is heat and humidity that combination is much harder to deal with. In the end though it is the same for all competitors here so I reckon everyone should just get on with the competion and the media should stop beating that bandwagon.
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Author: Anthony Thornton