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Waiwera Hot Pools

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As we age, our bodies deteriorate. It is noticable that for most of us, one recovery rates have declined in recent years. I speak of course of our ability to recover from a big night out on the turps .

Located 30 kilometers from the ground, about a 30 minute drive, the Waiwera Hot Pools offer a range of pools and water slides for both fun and recovery.

All pools and spas contain natural geothermal water. They do not reheat any water and are indeed “100% naturally hot”. With the exception of rainfall, each pool contains geothermal water.

One of the cool features of Waiwera is that the offer a Movie Pool. You can sit in the hot water, chill out and watch the movie. There are three showings a day, including one at dusk.

The water slides are a barrel of fun, and I understand have been significantly upgraded since I was there last. The cafe is licensed, so you can continue to hydrate while soaking in the hot water, although I suspect our resident medical professional will advise against that .

Located a short 35 minute drive from downtown Auckland, these pools may offer some welcome relief from the aches and pains of the World Masters Games.

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Where is Waiwera Hot Pools?

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