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Puhoi Village

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Puhoi is a settlement located approximately 50 km north of Auckland, on the banks of the Puhoi River. The name Puhoi is translated as "slow water".

The village is one of two ethnic historic villages in New Zealand with the second being Akaroa, which is close to Christchurch and settled by the French in the 1840’s. It was originally settled by Czech's in the 1860's and retains much of it's Bohemian style to this day.

The village boasts a rich history and is worth a visit and to wander the Heritage Trail. In 1992, it played host to Hollywood, being used as the town for the movie Tommyknockers, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name.

The Bohemian Museum offers a unique insight into the history of this village and contains artifcats and historial items going back almost to the date of settlement.

One of the biggest attractions is the Puhoi Pub. It has been around for almost 140 years, and is a fantastic place to sit back, watch a sunset and enjoy a few cold, clensing, relaxing ales. The bistro has traditionally served fabulous tucker, and on a nice afternoon, sitting outside enjoying the food and beer is a great way to enjoy some Kiwi culture .

Located a short drive from the grounds, Puhoi is a great way to find out a little bit about New Zealand and its history.

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