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As most of you will know, using a mobile phone while overseas can get bloody expensive, especially if you are using data for things like social media or email.

Might I suggest that if possible, you take a second mobile phone with you and buy a pre-paid SIM card when you land in NZ. They are cheap through 2 Degrees or Spark (the old NZ Telecom) and you can buy them even before your pass through customs at the airport. From memory, I think I paid $5 for mine, and you can add as little as $10 credit on it. Just make sure you get a SIM card that doesn't auto-renew.

phoneOnce you are done with it at the end of the championships, just bin it.

In this way, team mates can get hold of each other during the championships relatively cheaply, without having to "phone home" and incur massive Trans-Tasman costs imposed by those NZ and Australian teleco's. In addition, you can use NZ data to update social media or send emails, thereby keeping in touch with friends and family back home relatively cheaply.

The key to process is to give Athlene the number once you get it, so she can maintain a register and be able to get in touch with everyone. Oh, and you might want to give it to selected team mates as you see fit.

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