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Hockey player turned TV star

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Recently, an international survey rated Australian men as the World's Worst Husbands. This was obviously picked up by all the major Australian media services, including the evening news broadcasts.

Thanks to the promotions running prior to the news, I was lucky enough to have a little advance notice of this item, and recorded it.

Why you may ask? Simple really, it features a prominent member of our Veterans Hockey community!

Now, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can check out the video below, and have a laugh. I am sure the player concerned will be more than happy to accept a little gentle ribbing from the rest of us!

What I want to know is, where was the plug for Sydney Veterans Hockey?

Note: You will need to have Microsoft Silverlight installed to view this video
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Mark Matheson
Chief Bottle Washer
Mark is the former President of the Sydney Masters Hockey Association and is a current NSW manager in the Over 40's age group. When he is not working in the hockey community, Mark runs an IT Consultancy offering IT Management and business process change services.