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Hobbiton Movie Set

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This blog is a diversion from the mundane ones so far and focuses on something other the basic things like hockey, accommodation or transport. This is all about something we can do on a rest day. Let's go visit Hobbiton! (Shut up, Beato!)

I don't think I'd be going out on a limb if I said that we all know that the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy and the follow-on series, The Hobbit, were produced by Sir Peter Jackson and filmed in New Zealand.

When the Lord of the Rings was completed, part of the deal was that the farmland used for Hobbiton was to be returned to it's original state. When Hobbiton was rebuilt for the filming of The Hobbit, realising the potential, the land owner demanded that the set be left as it is. As a result, interested people can now tour Hobbiton.

Located about a 2 hour drive from Auckland, Hobbiton is located on the Alexander Farm, in rural Matamata, in the heart of the NZ agricultural heartland. Prior to the movies being filmed in the area, Matamata was perhaps best known for it's Horse Stud's.

We'll need to book any large group in advance, so once we know the playing schedule, I am sure someone will put up their hand and volunteer to organise a day trip to Hobbiton. The names *cough* Kevin, Grant or Craig *cough* spring to mind.

A day trip like this could be an excellent opportunity to include some of the friends you guys made in Italy. I suspect a few Kiwi mates may join us and a day of fun, banter and lemonade could be enjoyed by all. Don't forget your cameras!

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For more information, including information about the site, the tour, the cafe and the pricing, you can check out: -

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