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What is it about being part of a club?

Whether it is a sports club, a book club, craft club or any other type of club.  Whether as an active participant, supporter, coach, mentor or administrator.  There's something special about being part of a club.

Arriving at Homebush to play a game of Hockey on Saturday evening, I was surprised to see a large contingent of fellow club members there to watch our game.  Our team has had a lean trot over recent years, but our ambitions are always high.  But usually ambitions do not draw a crowd of rowdy supporters.

Turns out, that during the course of that day, all our mens teams had been victorious and with only 2 grades to play, a keg of beer was on the line.  Tradition in our club demands that if every Men's team wins over a single round, the President must supply a keg for the club.  Club spirit at it's best!!

Of course, no pressure.  But what a great feeling, having a group of cheering supporters, screaming for the success of a team and the club.  It's a cliche, but that kind of support for your fellow club members definitely helps.  And thankfully, we were able to pull one out of the hat, and record our first victory in some time, thereby keeping alive the possibility of a keg.

Unfortunately, in a hard fought match to conclude the day, our Division 1 -1st Grade side could only manage a draw!

So I guess that means instead of a Presidents Keg we have a Division 1 - 1st Grade Keg :-)

Thanks boys!
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Mark Matheson
Chief Bottle Washer
Mark is the former President of the Sydney Masters Hockey Association and is a current NSW manager in the Over 40's age group. When he is not working in the hockey community, Mark runs an IT Consultancy offering IT Management and business process change services.