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Busy time of year

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You would think that as we approach the end of the season, that one's hockey commitments would ease off a bit leading into summer. But let me tell you, that is not the case at the moment.

At the time of writing, according to my calculations, I still have 17 games to play between now and the 20th October (assuming I make the finals in the club, Nationals and the World Masters Games competitions of course LOL)

But those of us who play hockey well into our later years will testify that it is the availability of quality competition, along with the companionship that keeps driving us to turn up each week, in some cases attend training, and travelling to all parts of the country (or the World for some of us)

Best wishes to everyone who may still be competing in any of the hockey competitions scheduled to be held in the next 8 weeks. May your bodies hold true, and may the best man win!

See you for a beer someone near a hockey field!
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Mark Matheson
Chief Bottle Washer
Mark is the former President of the Sydney Masters Hockey Association and is a current NSW manager in the Over 40's age group. When he is not working in the hockey community, Mark runs an IT Consultancy offering IT Management and business process change services.